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Artisan Paint Recipe - Fresh, Light & Airy

Artisan Paint Recipe - Fresh, Light & Airy

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Fresh, Light & Airy is this beautiful paint finish, going white with depth and character, it's going white but still with holding an elegant softness. 

What you will need:

Imperial Linen Premium Chalk Paint 1 Litre 

Sea Mist Premium Chalk Paint 120ml

Potters Clay Premium Chalk Paint 120ml

Clubhouse Grey Premium Chalk Paint 120ml

Soft Gold Metallic Creme 120ml

Staalmeester Series 2020 Pro hybrid size 18

Series 3600 Natural bristle brush

Lint-free rags


Spread out 1 coat of Imperial Linen Premium Chalk Paint in all directions. With your size 18 brush, make sure you load the paint on generously to achieve good coverage on the first coat. Once dry, if there are any areas that have not been covered, lightly feather the paint over those areas or apply a second coat .

Once dry lightly sand any unnatural textures ensuring you allow the brush strokes and subtle texture to remain.

Metallic Creme:

Apply the Soft gold metallic creme to any areas you wish to highlight, such as the bevels, edges and details.


Sea Mist coloured wax: 

Mix the Artisan Clear wax and Sea Mist Premium Chalk Paint together in a 1:1 ratio. Pick up a small amount on your natural bristle brush and apply it over your piece in a section. Gently wipe off the excess wax with your lint-free rag and repeat until you have waxed the entire piece. Once you have waxed the entire piece let it settle and move onto your next mixture. 

Potters Clay coloured wax:

Mix your Potters Clay coloured wax make it slightly stronger in strength, pick up a small amount on your natural bristle brush, and lightly brush over "selected" areas such as corners, carvings and areas you want to create some "shadowing" then very gently wipe and blend with your clean lint free rag.  

Clubhouse Grey coloured wax: 

Follow the mixing ratio stated above to create your coloured wax, pick up a small amount on your natural bristle brush, in sections, and lightly brush over the details and corners to create further shadowing and depth, making sure to turn over your lint-free rag to a clean section as you gently wipe away the excess wax.

Lightly buff some triple zero fine grade steel wool over selected areas to highlight the large flat areas and pull back some coloured wax if you are finding the coloured waxes too strong.

Download The Artisan Recipe by clicking here