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Artisan Paint Recipe - A Rich Deep Blue

Artisan Paint Recipe - A Rich Deep Blue

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If you're looking to revive your furniture or decor and create a striking, rich and deep paint finish, then this is the perfect paint recipe for you... Obsidian Blue with Carbon Black wax will create a lovely rich dark deep blue, a great alternative for those who want something dark but not quite black. The Carbon black wax can, of course, be adjusted and you can finish at any depth you like, whether it be more blue or black to create the perfect deep rich piece for your space.

What you will need: (sizes dependant on the project)

Obsidian Blue Premium Chalk Paint 
Carbon Black Premium Chalk Paint
Artisan Clear Wax 
Staalmeester size 18 brush

Lint-free rags

Triple zero fine grade steel wool (optional)

Gold gilding wax (optional) 


Paint 1-2 coats of Obsidian Blue Premium Chalk Paint with a Staalmeester Series 2020 brush, load a good amount of paint on the brush and spread, brush and feather in all directions to create subtle texture.  

Lightly sand with 240 grit sandpaper over any areas to remove any unnatural textures, taking care to not sand and remove all the texture.

Waxes : 

Mix together your Artisan Clear wax and Carbon Black Premium Chalk paint, to create your desired level of coloured wax strength. Apply the Carbon Black wax in large sections and gently wipe away the excess wax with a lint-free rag. To highlight apply  clear wax over selected areas and firmly wipe to pull back the black wax, creating a highlight of the Obsidian Blue underneath.


In selected areas, using your finger, highlight and frame the details and bevels of your piece with Artisan Gold gilding wax.

TIP: Remember while waxing with Carbon Black, to achieve an even finish, keep turning your lint-free rag over to a flat clean surface.