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Oyster Cove - Metallic Concentrate

Oyster Cove - Metallic Concentrate

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Powerful, rich, high quality metallic concentrates. Beautifully milled and artisanally blended for stunning depth, luminosity & strength and a little goes an extremely long way. 

Designed to be mixed & locked in with our Artisan Illuminator in varying proportions to create a wide range of stunning artisanal metallic finishes with intense luminosity & strength.

TIP: For a semi translucent metallic glaze, mix a small amount or you Metallic Concentrate with your Artisan Illuminator to create a runny glaze like consistency. For a full strength metallic, add and mix until you achieve a full body creamy consistency.  

Shake each concentrate vigorously at least 6 times or more before use, for a light fluffy and powdery consistency and to evenly disperse all the ingredients before use.  

Simply mix your Metallic concentrate in varying proportions with your  Artisan Illuminator to create your perfect Artisan metallic finish that's not only beautifully captivating but also highly functional.  The more Metallic Concentrate you add into your Illuminator, the more dense your metallic will be. 

Size - 30ml Glass Jar 

Oyster Cove: A beautiful complex Artisan metallic with gorgeous dimension. A soft pretty Artisan Metallic with subtle underlying pink, lilac hues  that can be brought out more or subdued depending on the Artisan Premium Chalk Paint colour you use as a base. Oyster cover is best described as an elegant, soft and pretty metallic that will adjust beautifully to it's surrounding. 

Some of our favourite Premium Chalk Paint bases to go under Oyster Cove: 
Dor Greige, Crushed Lavender, Tahr, Moa 

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